• 5 Pieces Serving Trays and Serving Dishes Divided Serving Trays & Platters Portable Handle
    A: 5 pieces serving set : 4 pieces 5.5 inch pot length 14cm* width 11.2 cm*height 4.3cm B: 5 pieces serving set : 4 pieces 4.2 inch pot length 10.3cm* width 8.8 cm*height 4cm C: 6 pieces serving set : 4 pieces 6.9 inch pot length 17.6cm* width 8.5 cm*height …
  • Porcelain Divided Serving Dishes Relish Tray Serving Bowls for Parties - Perfect for Chips and Dip Veggies Candy and Snacks White
    A: 6 pieces serving set : 4 pieces 17.5cm dish length 17cm* width 12.4 cm*height 3.3cm , 1 piece 10cm round bowl diameter 9.7cm*height 3.3cm, 1 piece bamboo based B: 6 pieces serving set : 4 pieces 4.5 inch divide dish length 14.5cm* width 13.7 cm*height 2.9cm , 1 piece…
  • Serving plate and Serving Dishes With Bamboo Handle
    A: 8.6 inch plate length 22cm* width 19.9 cm*height 2.4cm B: 7.8 inch plate length 20cm* width 18 cm*height 2.4cm C: 10 inch plate length 25.5cm* width 14 cm*height 2.3cm D: 7.8 inch bowl length 20.8cm* width 12 cm*height 4.9cm Materials: Porcelain Color: White , Golden Style:Light luxury,Classic and Elegant…
  • Bohemian Kitchen Dinnerware Set Floral Design Multicolor Porcelain Ware
    Plate Hollow handle rect plate :12 inch --30.4 * 16.7 * 4.3CM Hollow handle Square plate: 9.3 inch--23.3 * 18.8 * 5.2CM Hollow handle round plate: 9.25 inch--23.5 * 20.4 * 2.9CM Hollow handle oval plate : 10.8 inch--27.6 * 15.6 * 4.2CM Deep oval plate: 9.6 inch--24.2 * 20.4…
  • 2 Tier Swiveling Plate Serving Set Rack Stand
    A: 2 pieces serving plate rack set: 8.75 inch plate ,diameter 22.5 cm *height 2.1cm B: 2 pieces serving plate rack set: 8 inch plate ,diameter 20.1 cm *height 2.7cm C: 2 pieces serving plate rack set: 9.8 inch plate ,length 25.2 cm,width 12.2 cm , height 1.3 cm Materials:…
  • 7PCS Soup Set With Metal Stand
    7-PIECE SET: includes 6 each of: 5.5”bowl ,1 set of: 2600cc soup tureen With metal stand Materials: Porcelain Color : BLACK/PINK/GREEN Style:NATURAL MARBLE STYLE Technology: color glaze with decal design+knob in electronic plating gold ● MADE OF HIGH QUALITY PORCELAIN: Porcelain offers a lightweight for easy handling. The whole dinnerware…
  • Water drop tableware
    Contents: 3”DISH: 7.8X6.7X2.2CM 9.5’PLATE:24.3X20X2CM 6.5’PLATE:16.5X13.6X1.8CM 9.5’ RECTANGLE PLATE:24.5X6.6X2CM Material: Porcelain Color:Pink/Blue/Gray Style: modern style Technology: underglaze color ● Dynamic drop shape for the stylish serving of various dishes, Ideal for everyday use, on the dinner table or as an original gift. ● Deep shape for safe and clean serving and…
  • Porcelain Serving Set with Bamboo Stand
    3/S 5"DISH WITH BAMBOO STAND: 13.1 X 6.5 X 2.9CM 3/S 3.75"DISH WITH BAMBOO STAND: 9.6 X 6.5 X3.9CM 3/S 5"DISH WITH BAMBOO STAND: 13 X 7.3 X 2CM Material: Porcelain, Bamboo Stand Color: White Style: Minimalism Technology: white/underglazed hand-printing with Bamboo Stand ● The combination of different types gives…
  • Condiment Dish Rack Set Condiment Bowl Rack Set - White Pro-Grade Porcelain Caddy - Condiments Nuts Ice Cream Snacks Candy Serving Bowls for Easy Storage
    A: 2 pieces condiment bowl rack set: 7.5 inch dish ,diameter 19.5 cm *height 4.2cm B: 4 pieces condiment dish rack set: 5.5 inch dish ,diameter 14 cm *height 2.1cm C: 4 pieces condiment bowl rack set: 4.6 inch dish ,length 11.4 cm,width 8.4 cm ,height 4.5 cm D: 4…
  • Marble Design Kitchen Ware
    7-PIECE SET: includes 3 each of: large size food storage jar ,4 each of: small size food storage jar OVEN PLATE WITH BAMBOO LID plate: 30.8x19.3x6cm SERVING PLATE WITH BAMBOO plate: dia.32.5cm 4PCS BOWL WITH BAMBOO bowl : Dia. 8.5cm 2PCS BOWL WITH BAMBOO large size Dia. 14.1cm small size…
  • Layer Cake Plate
    Square shape: 3 layer size 6.5"8"10" Rectangle shape:2 layer size 25.5x12.2x1.3cm Round shape-1 :6.3"7.5"9.5" Round shape-2: 6"8"10" Materials: Porcelain Color : WHITE/PINK/BLACK Style:The Nordic style,light luxury. Technology: color with decal design ● The product’s glaze is shining and high temperature, easy for cleaning ● Our products have been tested for…
  • 3-layer ceramic cake stand dessert plate Cupcake fruit candy display tower dessert stand birthday tea party Shower Serving Tray
    Plate 6.3 inch : diameter 16cm*height 3.1cm 7.5 inch : diameter 19cm*height 3.1cm 9.8 inch : diameter 25cm*height 4.1cm Materials: Porcelain Color:White , Gold Style: The Nordic Style,light luxury Technology: Electroplate ● Portable and lightweight design:square --- total height: 13 "/ 34cm. Chassis diameter: 9.8" / 25cm. Diameter of middle…
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