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  • Matte Bakeware Sets Ceramic Baking Dish Set Casserole Dish Set for Cooking
    12 inch 31.8x21.7x4.3cm 14 inch 36.3x24.5x4.5cm Materials: Porcelain Color : pink/black/Blue Style:Luxury Gold Technology: matte color glaze --These baking pans are made of durable, high temperature stoneware, oven safe. It can be used in the oven, microwave, refrigerator and dishwasher. NOTE: No direct fire and induction cooker. --【LONG LASTING COLOR…
  • Bohemian Style Porcelain Baking Dish
    7.4 Square oven plate: length(with handles) 18.8cm*width 15.2cm*height 5cm 10.3 rectangle oven plate: length(with handles) 26.2cm*width 15.8cm* height 5.8cm Material: Porcelain Color: Black and White Style: Bohemian style Technology: Underglaze Pad Printing ● Double ear design. It can prevent burning effectively, and easy to hold stable. ● Our product are…
  • Freckles Porcelain Rectangular Baking Dish
    Small side rectangle deep tray: 23.1* 5.3cm (length* height) Middle side rectangle deep tray: 30.5* 6.7cm (length* height) Material: Porcelain Color: Pink/ Blue Style: modern style Technology: underglaze color and sesame point ● After high temperature firing, the thermal stability of the product is excellent. ● Double handles design, anti-scald…
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Cooking & baking, Bohemian Style Porcelain Baking Dish, Buying Baking Supplies Online in USA

Get Trendy Cooking & Baking Supplies Online In USA!

Shunxiang is famous in China for its daily-use Bohemian Style Porcelain Baking Dish, Freckles Porcelain Rectangular Baking Dish, and Staub Ceramics 3-piece Rectangular Baking Dish Set ware in China.

We provide more options for healthy food with our Ceramic Serving Dishes Bakeware Large Porcelain Salad. Every family is short of bakeware, and this one is more than just beautiful; it is also practical bakeware. You will find it to be an indispensable kitchen tool for your baking adventures.


  1. It would make a wonderful present for friends and family on a housewarming, wedding party, or other special occasions.
  2. The large Ceramic Dinner Plate Bohemian Style Porcelain Salad set has a unique design and would make a wonderful gift for them.
  3. This nonstick and smooth glaze resists sticking or flaking, making it easy to clean with a dishwasher or hand wash with soap and water.
  4. Bright colors will brighten up your life—an elegant gift for Thanksgiving & Christmas.
  5. This gratin dish is LEAD-FREE and NON-TOXIC, as it is made of an eco-friendly glaze.
  6. The tough glaze does not scratch and is suitable for everyday use to make delicious meals and desserts.

Get All Solutions For Your Kitchen With Shunxiang!

This versatile, Colorful Ceramic Square plate with handle baking dish will be an excellent baking partner for your wonderful cooking. In addition, this Nordic Oval Ceramic Plate Bohemian Style Ceramic set will add an artistic touch to your kitchen.

Product Specifications:

  1. It can prevent burning effectively and is easy to hold stable. It is made of ceramic with a firing temperature of 1320°C.
  2. The tableware is thick and durable and also has high-temperature resistance.
  3. Underglaze color technology has the advantage that it is not easily worn and does not fade.
  4. The cutlery is made of nano-glazed material that is smooth and easy to clean.
  5. It can be used in an oven, microwave, or steam pot.

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Get all your tensions sorted out with C13 11 Inches Nordic Oval Ceramic Plate Bohemian Style found from the leading distributor of cooking and baking supplies. We help Buying Baking Supplies Online in USA to meet the needs of our customers.

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